Monday , October 16 2017
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Tut (season 1)

A miniseries concentrating on the youngest Pharaoh to rule Ancient Egypt

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Other Titles:King Tut, n/A, Faraó, Brazil, O Rei Tut, Brazil, Tut – Der größte Pharao aller Zeiten, Germany, Tutankamón, Spain, Toutânkhamon: le pharaon maudit, France, Az ifjú fáraó, Hungary, Tut – Il destino di un faraone, Italy, Tutanchamon, Poland, Тут, Russia
Awards:5 nominations
Cast and Character:
Ben Kingsley as Ay (3 episodes, 2015), Avan Jogia as King Tutankhamun (3 episodes, 2015), Sibylla Deen as Ankhe (3 episodes, 2015), Alexander Siddig as Amun (3 episodes, 2015), Kylie Bunbury as Suhad (3 episodes, 2015), Peter Gadiot as Ka (3 episodes, 2015), Iddo Goldberg as Lagus (3 episodes, 2015), Nonso Anozie as General Horemheb (3 episodes, 2015), Alistair Toovey as Nahkt (3 episodes, 2015), Steve Toussaint as King Tushratta (3 episodes, 2015), Kaizer Akhtar as Young Tut / … (3 episodes, 2015), Geoffrey Burton as Chief Physician Dagi (3 episodes, 2015), Leon Lopez as Sete (3 episodes, 2015), Alexander Lyras as General Yuya (2 episodes, 2015), Daniela Lavender as Herit (2 episodes, 2015), Steve Chusak as Paraneffer (2 episodes, 2015), Sam Kanater as Priest of Sobek (2 episodes, 2015), Raw Leiba as King Artatama II (2 episodes, 2015)…
Certification:Germany:12 | Portugal:12AP | UK:15
Production:Muse Entertainment Enterprises
Genre:Biography, Drama, History
Runtime:88 min
Released in:n/A
Tagline:Boy. Rebel. King.
Keywords:Pharaoh , Ancient Egypt , 14th Century B.c. , TV Mini-Series

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