Monday , October 16 2017
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StartUp (Season 1)

A desperate banker, a Haitian-American gang lord, and a Cuban-American hacker are forced to work together to unwittingly create their version of the American dream – organized crime 2.0.

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Other Titles:Стартап, Russia
Awards:1 nomination
Cast and Character:
Adam Brody as Nick Talman (20 episodes, 2016-2017), Edi Gathegi as Ronald Dacey (20 episodes, 2016-2017), Otmara Marrero as Izzy Morales (20 episodes, 2016-2017), Martin Freeman as Phil Rask (20 episodes, 2016-2017), Kristen Ariza as Tamara Dacey (16 episodes, 2016-2017), Fredrick Bam Scott as Emmanuel / … (15 episodes, 2016-2017), Vera Cherny as Vera (14 episodes, 2016-2017), Jared Wofford as Frantz (13 episodes, 2016-2017), Jevon White as Gilles (13 episodes, 2016-2017), Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Touie Dacey (12 episodes, 2016-2017), Génesis Castro Díaz as (12 episodes, 2016-2017), Ron Perlman as Wes Chandler (10 episodes, 2017), Tony Plana as Izzy’s Father / … (10 episodes, 2016-2017), Aaron Yoo as Alex (10 episodes, 2016-2017), Jenny Gago as Marta Morales (9 episodes, 2016-2017)…
Certification:South Korea:18
Production:Hollywood Gang Productions
Genre:Crime, Thriller
Runtime:44 min
Released in:n/A
Tagline:A brilliant idea… Funded by dirty money.
Keywords:Cuban American , Banker , Stolen Money , Hacker , Haitian American

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