Thursday , April 19 2018
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Sons of Liberty (season 1)

The story of a group of very different men fighting in the American Colonies for freedom, and how they will shape the future for the United States of America. Based on true stories.

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Cast and Character:
Ben Barnes as Sam Adams (3 episodes, 2015), Marton Csokas as General Thomas Gage (3 episodes, 2015), Ryan Eggold as Joseph Warren (3 episodes, 2015), Henry Thomas as John Adams (3 episodes, 2015), Michael Raymond-James as Paul Revere (3 episodes, 2015), Rafe Spall as John Hancock (3 episodes, 2015), Jason O’Mara as George Washington (3 episodes, 2015), Dean Norris as Ben Franklin (3 episodes, 2015), Shane Taylor as Thomas Preston (2014) (3 episodes, 2015), Emily Berrington as Margaret Kemble Gage (3 episodes, 2015), Kevin Ryan as John Pitcairn (3 episodes, 2015), Diarmaid Murtagh as Tim Kelly / … (3 episodes, 2015), Darren Connolly as Sergeant Urquhart (3 episodes, 2015), John Heffernan as Governor’s Aide (3 episodes, 2015), Radu Iacoban as Private Woodruff (3 episodes, 2015), David Lipper as Amos (3 episodes, 2015), Andrew Pleavin as Mr. Whittier (3 episodes, 2015), Denis Stefan as The Wingman (3 episodes, 2015), Sean Gilder as Thomas Hutchinson (2 episodes, 2015), Hadley Fraser as John Dickinson (2 episodes, 2015), Daisy Lewis as Abigail Adams (2 episodes, 2015), Christopher Sciueref as Private Seidel (2 episodes, 2015), Lex Shrapnel as William Dawes (2 episodes, 2015)…
Production:Stephen David Entertainment
Genre:Drama, History
Tags:TV Mini-Series

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