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Gangland Undercover (season 1)


Biographical crime drama tells the true story of a man who lives a double life for three years. Charles Falco dealer, he faces twenty years in prison on charges of drug trafficking. But to avoid this, Charles makes a deal – he becomes an agent ATF. His mission is very dangerous. Falco has to penetrate into one of the most violent gangs of America. The members of this criminal group involved in trafficking in weapons and drugs, murder and money laundering. Danger police operation was successfully completed in March 2006.

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Cast and Character:
Damon Runyan as Charles Falco (6 episodes, 2015), Melanie Scrofano as Suzanna (6 episodes, 2015), Ari Cohen as Koz (6 episodes, 2015), Paulino Nunes as Schizo (6 episodes, 2015), Don Francks as Lizard (6 episodes, 2015), Ian Matthews as Darko (6 episodes, 2015), James Cade as Stash (5 episodes, 2015), Stephen Eric McIntyre as Kid (5 episodes, 2015), Ashley Tredenick as Red (5 episodes, 2015), Gary ‘Si-Jo’ Foo as Correctional Officer / … (4 episodes, 2015), Kiran Friesen as Stella (4 episodes, 2015), Shawn J. Hamilton as Prison Guard / … (4 episodes, 2015), Romano Orzari as Bernard (4 episodes, 2015), John Tench as Green (4 episodes, 2015), Jessica Huras as Natalie (3 episodes, 2015), Carlos Pinder as Police Tactical Officer / … (3 episodes, 2015)…
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama, History
Released in: 24 February 2015 (USA)
Language: English
Tags: Informant, Motorcycle Gang, Drug Dealer, TV Mini-Series, Based On Book
Rating: 8.4

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