Thursday , April 19 2018
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The Hollow Crown Season 2

The Hollow Crown: The Wars Of The Roses Season 2 poster

Season 2 of this amazing drama consists of three main episodes: Episode 1 and 2 is about Henry VI. Against the backdrop of wars in France, the English nobility quarrel. Plantagenet and the Yorkists ride to London to claim the throne. Episode three is about Richard III. Evil Richard plots …

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The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 1

The Frankenstein Chronicles (Season 1) poster

Police Officer John Marlotte is looking for a maniac that imagines himself Frankenstein. The villain of the book embodies the action of the doctor a reality – creates a monster from parts of human bodies. Marlotte, discovered one of the terrible creatures assassin forced to work secretly and alone wandering …

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Sherlock (Season 3)

Sherlock (Season 3) poster

The second season ends with an unusual and very tragic death of the main character – Sherlock Holmes, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of friends. The authors managed to leave the show for the audience a mystery, could be saved if Holmes and he was unable to survive …

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Sherlock (Season 2)

Sherlock (Season 2) poster

The second season consists of three series: “A Scandal in Belgravia”, “Hound of the Baskervilles” and “The Fall of Rheinbach.” In the first series Holmes and Watson investigate a case of blackmail, threatening the foundations of the monarchy. Untangling the various intricacies, they faced impudence CIA agents, international terrorists, as …

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